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Honduras - A Closer Look at Tegucigalpa

Last year I made a 15 day jaunt through the mystical and beautiful Central American country of Honduras. Home to me from 2004-2008, Honduras has long lived in my heart and soul as a re-birth in my life, she was the first domino to topple in regards to traveling the world and seeing some inexpressibly beautiful places. Often misrepresented and misunderstood, Honduras is full of beautiful people, with big hearts and a joy for each day. It is also full of poverty and lack of opportunities, Bothe at the academic and fiscal levels. However, to this day the nicest people I have ever met or interacted with were from Honduras and Ghana (West Africa).

Honduras is my muse, my lover, my comfort when things get a bit cumbersome in my life.

Additionally if you are a photographer, she is an absolute playground of sights, sounds and compositions. On this trip last year I was able to capture both the human and environmental element and celebrate a country that has given me so much.

Tegucigalpa, La Ceiba, the island of Utila, the Cópan Ruins, Gracias, La Esperanza were the main destinations, however, traveling by SUV and navigating the backroads gave me contact with the soul of Honduras, and many potholes, especially on CA-13 from the Sand Pedro Sula Bypass to La Ceiba. Driving in Honduras after dark is an adventure everyone should take at least once in their life, its interesting to say the least.

So please, come and take a closer look with me on my 15 day jaunt through this beautiful country, and hopefully my lens will tell some stories that bring you joy, give you pause or make you want to discover more about this incredible land.

Tegucigalpa - The sprawling and bustling capital city situated in the center of the country has everything to offer from some of the most beautiful malls and churches I have ever visited to the most dire and hopeless poverty. You can experience the gamut of life in Tegucigalpa. A city of nearly one million people, it is busy, congested and has a vibrancy that entices the visitor to take in all they are encountering. With its cafes, restaurants, schools, houses of worship for every faith, malls, scenic parks, fanatical devotion to soccer, freeways and history, Tegucigalpa is a very livable city if you know how to navigate her meandering and often confusing roads, and don't mind the occasional protests that block traffic and the ebb and flow of daily life. Tegucigalpa has a heartbeat for sure, she pulsates to a rhythm only she can dance to. Below is a more candid look at the city, her people and her places.

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