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Honduras - A Closer Look at The Copán Ruins

Nestled in the Western Highlands of Honduras, about 45 minutes from he Guatemalan border, sits one of the most intact and well preserved examples of the Mayan civilization, Copán. Even though the area was occupied for more than two thousand years, the Copán Ruins complex visitors meander around and through today was mostly built between 400 and 800 AD. It was around the time of completion that the city itself started to be abandoned. Copán had grown to approximately 25,000 people, however constant droughts and other weather anomalies had destroyed vital crops in the area. Eventually, all the resources available were consumed, forcing the residents to abandon the city.

Today, the Mayan Ruins of Copan are one of the most important and impressive Mayan sites to visit in all of Mesoamerica, thanks to its stunning stone sculptures and intricate hieroglyphs.

The modern day town of Copán is itself a lively, colorful, rhythmic conglomeration that is built on, obviously, the tourism industry. The majority of the populace can trace their ancestry directly back to the Mayans that inhabited the area long ago. As usual with Honduras, the people are friendly, welcoming and always eager to share a conversation, usually over coffee or a meal.

Last April was my fifth trip to Copán and the Copán ruins. Thankfully I had a new SD card for my camera and did not suffer the same fate I did in La Ceiba and Utila. So please, come and walk through the streets and Mayan ruins of Copán with me through my lenses. Maybe we will catch a glimpse of the ghost of the great Mayan king, Dieciocho Conejos ( Eighteen Rabbits).

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