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Jerome Cabeen - First Photographer & Founder

Jerome Cabeen is an award-winning photographer based out of Beaumont, Texas. Cabeen holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sam Houston State University and a Master of Ministry & Theology from the University of Dallas. He has taught art in the United States, Honduras, and Liberia. His work as a photographer has carried him around the globe, photographing the incredible people and places of our planet. As well, Cabeen is bi-lingual speaking English and Spanish. Cabeen's main digital camera is a CANON 5D Mark IV. His main film cameras are a medium format, MAMIYA RB 67 and a 35MM CANON TX. 

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Aminatta Kamara - Assistant & Second Photographer

Aminatta Kamara is an award-winning photographer and artist that is located in Beaumont, Texas. Kamara holds a Master of Art History from the University of Texas - Austin, having graduated with honors. She has served as the Curator and Archivist for the Museum of the Gulf Coast in Port Arthur, Texas and the Director of the Fire Museum in Beaumont, Texas. She is active in local, state and regional art communities and has photographed internationally in countries such as Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico and Jamaica. 







Jules Cabeen - Field Operations Assistant


Jules Cabeen is a decorated and retired United States Army Officer and Department of Defense agent. He served a total of 41 years in both capacities and holds several degrees, including a master's degree in Psychology from the University of Boston. He is a Bronze Star recipient for his service in the Gulf War, and is trilingual speaking English, Spanish and German. Cabeen assists with locations, set up and client contact for our photography services. 




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