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Dare to Create; Dare to See the World (Courage to Click)

So many times I have met individuals I thought had a good future in photography of they had continued to work at the craft; only to hear they had put down the camera because their photography was "bad" or "not perfect." A little insight I always offer is there is no perfection in anything we will do in life, and that is doubly so in photography. People seem genuinely surprised when I explain to them I have only been immersed in photography for three and a half years. Its true I have an art background and a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, however as photography is concerned, I am a relative newcomer. Thankfully, the stars seemed to have aligned for me regarding this medium. I have put my heart, soul, sweat, tears and blood into photography the las three and a half years, and guess what? I STILL TAKE PITIFUL PHOTOGRAPHS. As I alluded to above, there is no perfection on this journey. That is where the courage to click comes in.

I always say in life and art you are creating for an audience of one, yourself. First and foremost the photography journey must be one that is fun. When it is, creative energy flows and prospers much easier. All artists go through dry spells, where our creativity seems to have dried up and blown to the four sides of the sky. For instance, this is the first blog post I have entered in almost a year. I simply didn't feel my writing mojo flowing. At times, like now, you have to have courage in undertakings, be they artistic or any other form on our path. If you once loved photography but now seem to be distance from it, pick up that camera and create for no-one but yourself. Believe in what your heart sees through your eye tell a beautiful story. It matters not what others think. The world awaits, she is posing for you everywhere you go. Go to meet her.

In the end your soul will thank you.

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