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August 25 of this year, my fourth solo photography exhibition, WANDERLUST, will be opening at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The exhibition will be a journey through photography near and far. For me, as an artist and photographer that attempts to tell stories through his art, wanderlust is more a state of heart and mind than a destination. We all have stories to tell... some do it through oils applied to canvas... some do it with pen to parchment, others do it through song or script. There are an endless array of vehicles we use to tell stories of our journeys and for me, photography has been my medium the past 4 years. Photography has turned into an all consuming passion, one that connects me with my understanding of Divine Love, as well as the present moment.

I am honored to be exhibiting at the Imperial Calcasieu Museum. I am equally grateful to Stefan Borssen and Ashley Royer for their belief and confidence in my photographic art. I have great confidence and faith this will be an outstanding and memorable exhibition. Again, the opening is Friday, August 25, 2023 in Lake Charles, Louisiana from 6:00PM-8:00PM. Consider yourself humbly invited, I would love to see each of you there, as we talk about life, art and all things beautiful and sacred.

Here is a sneak peek of two of the photographs that will be included in WANDERLUST:

Music Box Dancer

Bayfield, Wisconsin


The Burning Bush

Eagle, Idaho


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Wow!!! You make them look lifelik!!! Hugh congratulations brother!! 👏🏽👏🏽


Beautiful pieces Jerome! I love the tonality and the almost dreamlike feel of these!

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