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Big Eyed Fish - The World as Seen through a 10MM Lens

Apologies to the Dave Matthews Band for stealing the title to one of my favorite songs of theirs for this blog post. However, it is apropos to the subject I will be highlighting, and that is my recent purchase of

a SIGMA 10MM f/2.8 lens. This lens is known as the artist's lens because of the free flowing and seemingly endless creativity it gives to the person using it. The10MM f/2.8 lens is a diagonal fisheye which allows the entire scene to be viewed full frame in great distortion. Clear and striking images are recorded within the diagonal field of view, exaggerating the perspective of what is being photographed. This allows for incredibly creative photographs that are interesting, uniquely individual.

With my love of surrealism and exaggerated subject matter, I was fairly confident I was going to enjoy my new lens. However, I was not prepared for the level of enjoyment and creative dynamic it would bring to my photography. It is compact and fits easily into any camera bag and its wonderful design is a quick on and off to your cameras body. I photograph with a CANON 5D Mark IV and the lens has been very efficient so far in both the performance and controllability. Another aspect I love about the lens is the focusing distances it allows for. The minimum focusing distance of 5.3inches allows subjects to be as close as 0.7inches from the lens dome. This capability allows close-up photography and also it is possible to make use of large depth of field that covers wide range of subjects.

If you are a photographer and looking to break out into a new and fun venture of possibilities, the 10MM f/2.8 might be what you are looking for. It is an open window to an entirely new world.

Grab a camera and tell a big-eyed fish story!!!!


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James Leslie
James Leslie
Jan 30, 2022

I'm from Beaumont/Fannett area and saw what you guys are doing for the pour house.

Fan for life. Ty to John for getting this all together and bringing artists together.

Love the blog,

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