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This Land is Your Land & This Land is My Land (America through my Lens)

I have done a fair amount of traveling the last in the last 10 months, especially here in the United States. My photographic sojourns have taken me from the Gulf Coast to Lake Superior, and from the Midwest to the cathedral mountains of the Last Frontier. I have left footprints in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Alaska. It has been a whirlwind to say the least, a storm of discovery and development as a photographer.

There is much to see and experience in our country, the beauty of it is incomparable, as are the varied climes we can find ourselves in only after a few short hours. Most of these photography excursions have been overland, in my Dodge Ram 1500. I love driving. It is a very good meditation for me, and as a photographer, it also helps to develop the eye and a greater understanding of light, composition and balance. As long as I have my camera gear, black coffee and my array of music, driving is a gift to me.

I would venture to say that the very best aspect of leaving footprints, and tire tracks across our beautiful firmament is the people we can meet. I have met some of the most extraordinary human beings this last 10 months. If you know me, you understand when I say that I know no strangers, only friends I have yet to meet. I have been blessed, no doubt. A little love and kindness go a long way, and it also opens doors.

I am happy to share some of my photography from my travels through the United States with you in the post. I hope you enjoy it!

Grab a camera and tell a story!


A Light to Drown Out the Darkness

Payette River Valley, Idaho


Underbelly (The Sabine Lake Causeway)

Port Arthur, Texas


A Few Steps from Heaven

Denali, Alaska


The Things We Cannot Take with Us

Madeline Island, Wisconsin


Gulf Coastal Baller

Ocean Springs, Mississippi


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