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Honduras - A Closer Look at the Island of Utila

Just off the northern coast of Honduras the Roatan, Gunaja and Utila make up one Honduras's 18 departments.The Bay Islands, as they are called, are the idyllic tropical paradises that are home to native Hondurans, ex-pats from around the world and the temporary tourists looking to escape what is ailing them, cramming wasted years into five or six days. Roatan is the main destination in the Bay Islands, however on my journey through Honduras last year, I decided to catch a ferry from La Cieba to the less celebrated and congested island of Utila. The population is scant, just 4,250 people call Utila their home. However, with their ferries arriving and leaving everyday, there is a constant flow of footprints that festoon the island. Still, it's slow slumbersome undulation hypnotizes the traveler to island time and a relaxed way of life. In all I spent a week on the island and very much enjoyed the late breakfasts, people watching and gazing at the highway of stars in the heavens each night.

Here are a few photographs from my trip last April to this Caribbean jewel that calls Honduras her home. Tomorrow we will head back to the main land and visit the Mayan ruins of Cópan and few photographs I took along the drive.

I hope you enjoy the images from Utila and thank you for the support.

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